“Each time I wear the scarf it becomes part of my own prayer into the world... When asked by my friends what the scarf says I have great pleasure in unfurling it and together we read out the message.”

Clare Zeevi, Wales

“Wearing the scarf or seeing it laying in my room is like an ongoing semi-conscious kindling contemplation about the Earth, what her function is and what I haven’t yet understood about her in the awesome, ever moving context she is part of.”

Hannie Wentzel, The Netherlands 


"Finding Freedom on the website made me so happy. I had never before found a saying about freedom that captures the essence of choice and that caught me so much that I had to buy it. Upon receiving it, I was surprised of the softness of the fabric and also the bright colors. Love this scarf."

Dorte Helk Hansen, Denmark


"All the scarves have a special, fine quality. The Love of Kind scarf depicts the sheer magic of all animals on earth. The words ‘Love of all kinds, great and small’ have a ring of interdependency and interconnectivity which feel so right. It is lovely and dignifying to wear and the design is just gorgeous. Very nice present to give, also to children.  

Lotten Karre, Sweden

“Looks beautiful and feels light and soft. I feel proud to wear it, because I love the message that is on it…

… If ever I want to give someone a really nice and meaningful present, I will order another scarf!”

Odette de Neeling, The Netherlands

“Wearing the Love of Kind scarf reminds me that as a human I am part of a wonderful creation with beings great and small”

Claudia Schenk, Germany


"The colors are phenomenal! They are so much more vibrant than what the pictures indicate. I can literally wear this scarf with a jillion different outfits and the 'look' is always unique and pulled together."
Susan L. Middleton, NYC, USA 

“I loved the presence of this scarf from the minute I saw it come out of its packaging and it was held up in front of me!”

Sally Hayes, Wales

"There is so much more, so much potential in what women can choose to take on to make the world a better place. For me, this scarf is a constant call over and encouragement for us women to stand straight and proud and learn to live our lives to the fullest."

Claudia Schenk, Germany

"Written in Silk"

"Beautiful! That’s the first expression upon seeing the scarf and the appreciation grows bigger when reading the message. The silk touch, mix of colors, and elegant wave-like movement, prompts you to spread it over and read its inspiring message."

Rivka Zehavi-Zach, Israel

"A throughout feeling of high quality… from signal to fabric."

Kira and Henrik, Denmark


"I bought this scarf because I have been working with affirmations for quite some time. When I wear this beautiful scarf, I am reminded of what it is that I consciously want to practise in my daily going on."

Freja Høy